House Points



Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela  (Yellow) Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Green)
Mother Teresa (Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) (Blue) Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (Red)                   





Many thousands of House Points have been earned for achievements throughout school and the children from the winning houses from both the Autumn and Spring terms have enjoyed parties at the end of each term.

Pupils are continuing to be very motivated to achieve House Points and we believe our aims for this system are working well, “Pupils now have stronger incentives to achieve in all aspects of school life.”

The House Point system also continues to run alongside our very successful Behaviour Management programme (The John Perryn Way) and, as requested by some parents, we feel some clarification of the differences would be useful.

As part of the Behaviour Management programme, "Friday celebration certificates" are awarded for ‘Excellence in behaviour, attitude and effort’ ( sometimes a one off situation but often for continuous acts).

The House Points system however, rewards achievements in all subject areas as well as smaller everyday acts of good conduct providing pupils with many more immediate ways to achieve rewards in school.

As a reminder we have listed below the areas in which House Points can be earned -

* Achievement in all subjects including Numeracy, Literacy, Science, PE, Music, Dance, Drama, Art, IT, General Knowledge, Humanities, French.

* Showing good attitude/behaviour/manners, kindness, care, help, friendship, acts of good Citizenship or other social behaviour in and around the school and playground

* Good organisation, timekeeping, presentation of work, independence, initiative, integrity, honesty, patience, tolerance, team work, determination and improvements in any area.

* Achievements at other activities including - class assemblies, school productions, themed weeks, school trips or events.

* Volunteer work or achievements in or out of school.

* Inter House competitions.

We feel it is really important to reward pupils for all their efforts and achievements giving them continued incentives and motivation to do well in all aspects of school life. We believe this has been a very successful initiative so far and we hope your child is enjoying the rewards.