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Maths Courses 2017 - 2018

CPD PACKAGE 2017-2018


2 delegate days for £300 (£50 discount); 3 delegate days for 450pounds (£75 discount)

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You can use the delegate days as you wish. (Example: If you purchase the package of 2 places you can send 2 delegates on the same course; 2 delegates on two different courses).

Each delegate single course price: £175




Diminishing the Difference - Years 3 and 4                                            


To support teachers by establishing systems and procedures in years 3 and 4 to enable pupils to achieve year group expectations.                                      

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Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School)

Date: 19th October 2017


Quick Impact Strategies                                    


How maths teaching and assessment will change under the new curriculum. Be confident to use the right strategies to prepare your students for the new challenges.                                                             


Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School)

Date:16th November 2017


From Good to Outstanding                                


Going one step further to deliver lessons that your students and Ofsted will love in maths.                                                                          

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Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School)

Date: 22nd March 2018


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