Problem Solving

Becoming confident and competent as a problem solver is a complex process that requires a range of skills and experience.


Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School) Date: 21st March 2019


Phases suitable for:

  • Primary


Price: £175 *                                                                               * Discount available as part of a CPD package. Click here for more details.



  • Exploring Problem solving within the New National Curriculum with emphasis on developing word and reasoning problems. In this session we will look at the Ofsted guidance as well as sample reasoning for 2016 SATs together with the expectations for each year group.
  • Developing our own problem solving strategies.

"If we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how we solve problems, we are more likely to be able to teach it better".

  • Focus on systems and procedures for logic and reasoning through school with a particular focus on the STOPS (Sequenced teaching of problem solving) from EYFS to YR6.
  • Demonstration of Gecko Maths (cooperative and collaborative group problem solving) which is widely used in Japan, America and Far East.




"A well worth fabulous day. Good value for money"

"Precise differentiation and appropriate challenges. This course really makes an impact".

"Very informative and inspiring. Makes me eager to get back and apply these strategies"


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