Policy Information

John Perryn Primary School are always reviewing the school policies in accordance with the recommendations from the Department of Education and other Government departments.


pdf icon Behaviour Policy


pdf icon Charges and Remissions


pdf icon Anti-bullying


pdf icon Safeguarding & Child Protection


pdf icon Health and Safety


pdf icon Complaints


pdf icon Data Protection


pdf icon EYFS


pdf icon Freedom of Information


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pdf icon E-Safety


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Additional Information & Advice for Parents

Code of Conduct

All parents are kindly requested to read and sign the following information regarding expected levels of behaviour by all adults involved with the school community. Thanks you!

Parent Code of Conduct Form

Employing a Private Tutor

If you are interested in supporting your child's learning with a private tutor, please read this advice carefully. It will ensure the safety of your child.

Advice & Guidance for from Ealing Council