Acton Arts Forum is pleased to announce the beginning of a 16 month project called East Acton Old Town, New Town.  


This project will explore East Acton's rich history, changing landscapes and diversity while it undergoes new developments. It will offer opportunities to community groups, primary schools and local artists to record the infinite social, culture and structural changes taken place in and around East Acton. It is run by Acton Arts Forum, with contributions from Acton History Group, Gunnersbury Park Museum, Green Prospects, APPLE Art Block, Goldsmith’s Resident’s Association and John Perryn and East Acton Primary School.

The project aims for community cohesion though the recruitment of volunteers and offer training sessions in Research, Oral History, Filming and Photography.  These sessions will provide opportunities to learn new skills and ensure participation and engagement from local residents of all ages across Acton’s diverse community.
At the end of the project Acton Arts Forum plans to create a short documentary film with footage that explores the transitions of East Acton with talks and interviews from local residents to hear their stories and experiences of living in East Acton.  This project will also hold an exhibition that will contain all the articles and stories that have been collected throughout, and tour around local community centers in Acton, Gunnersbury Park Museum, John Perryn and East Acton Primary School.

Since launching this project in June 2015, there has been lots of interest from local residents and participants who have taken part in organised heritage walks and training sessions, with more to come this year and in 2016.




In the meantime we have lots of events and training sessions taking place shortly so please check them out below.

For more information visit the Acton Arts Forum website on: www.actonartsforum.org and Facebook Page which is: https://www.facebook.com/eastactonheritage. contact the Project Leader Rachel Pepper on rachel@actonforum.org or call: 020 8896 9247 

If you have any old photos or videos of East Acton please contact the Acton Arts Forum team as these could be used throughout the project including the projects subsequent documentary film and exhibition.