School Meal Updates


This week at Harrisons are supplying our children with continental cuisine from across Europe, including Spanish paella, Icelandic stew and Italian pasta! Meals are £2.30 per child and include vegetarian options, vegetables, salad and dessert. 



Monday 8th February: Chinese New Year meal!

Main meals: Festive Golden Five Spice Chicken with lemon rice; Sweet and Sour Quorn with Noodles

Vegetables of the day: Sweetcorn and mixed peppers; Soy and Ginger Broccoli

Dessert: Ginger Biscuit served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Peach and Lime puree; Fruit Yogurt; Fresh Fruit Platter


As of Tuesday 12 April 2016 you will not be able to pay with cash for school meals. The box outside the school office will no longer be in use. To pay for your child’s school meal you will have to pay by card through the Harrison website: or call: 02082800312


As of the week commencing Monday 22 February 2016 the Harrisons school kitchen will serve halal meat on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no longer Wednesdays). There will also be non-halal meat available on these days, as well as a vegetarian option, salad, vegetables and desserts. 

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