September 2020

Dear Parents and Friends, 

John Perryn Primary School's PTA & F (Parents Teachers Association & Friends) is a voluntary committee which aims to involve parents in school life, fund raising and other community activities. We re-launched the PTA & F in 2011 and since then we have raised thousands for school events, trips and resources. Our main events are the Christmas Fair in December and the Summer Fair in July. We try to organise smaller events during the year, including cultural celebrations (Eid/ Christmas/ St Patrick’ Day etc) and a film afternoon in January/ February which is always very popular.

All parents are automatically PTA members and are welcome to attend our meetings which are advertised in both schools’ newsletters and the school calendar.  An extra pair of hands is always welcome at PTA & F events, even if you cannot attend the meetings.  Without question, the most valuable asset that we have is the volunteer.  Sometimes people say the reason why they don’t volunteer is because they weren’t asked – well please consider yourself asked! The current volunteer committee members are:

Melissa – Chair

Daniella – Vice chair

Rocio – Secretary

Nicole – Treasurer

The PTA & F can help parents:

  • Make recommendations to enhance the school
  • Be involved in your child’s school journey and learning
  • Build friendships and gain skills whilst engaging in volunteering
  • Help fundraise for extra resources and activities to enrich your children’s education

The PTA & F can help children

  • receive a richer education as a result of items and activities provided by the PTA for example Mad Science Day, pantomime, and resources for extra curriculum activities
  • benefit from your increased knowledge and understanding of the school community

The PTA & F can help teachers

  • reach potential volunteers and enthusiasts who can help with school projects

Due to the current Covid 19, we are unable to offer any events or activities. We are looking at new ways of working, researching online events and ways to continue reaching out and enhancing the school community.

If you would like any more information, please contact us by email or leave your details with the school office and we can get in touch.

Our email contact: