Healthy School

Healthy School Award              

At John Perryn Primary School the children are encouraged to believe that a healthy body provides a healthy mind. To this end we ensure that all of the KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable as a breaktime snack and we ask that parents continue to provide this healthy choice in KS2.

In line with all the schools in England our KS1 pupils are provided with a free hot nutritious meal at lunchtime, (please see the menu available on the School Dinners page). We hold regular workshops where the children are able to taste a broad range of fruit and vegetables to encourage them to make healthy choices.

We are now able to provide a breakfast club for a small fee where children can start the day with a healthy breakfast enabling them to fully access the learning throughout the day.

We also offer a wide range of other clubs throughout the school year so that all of our children have an opportunity to keep active!

To view all of our current clubs click here!



Healthy Schools promotes physical and emotional wellbeing across the curriculum.

Our annual audit is based around nine areas:-

1. Leadership, management and managing change

2. Policy development

3. Learning and teaching, curriculum planning and resourcing

4. School culture and environment

5. Giving children and young people a voice

6. Provision of support services for children and young people

7. Staff continuing professional development (CPD)

8. Partnerships with parents/carers and local communities

9. Assessing, recording and reporting the achievement of children and young people.