Enabling Enterprise

This is our exciting project that involves pupils in key stage 1 & 2.  Through termly enterprise projects the children will develop skills such as: Leadership, collaboration, team building, problem solving and aiming high. In previous years the children in years 4, 5 & 6 have taken part in the EE project and had the opportunity to visit businesses like Management consultancy, Oliver Wyman, in the city.  The children benefitted greatly from these projects and took the initiative to run their own enterprise projects back in school. There are also Challenge Days which are held within the school for both Key Stages and which provide an exciting and engaging way for the school to work together and use their enterprise skills.

Business Trips:

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Message from Enabling Enterprise:

'My colleague Chris was so impressed by the students from John Perryn and said they worked really well in their teams to deliver some fantastic presentations.'