Year Group Curriculum Grids

Year Group Curriculum Grids & Parent Information Letters


Do you want to know what your child is learning this half term? Are you looking for ways to support your child from home?

Why not take a look at this term's Curriculum Grids to see what your child will be learning in class.

Curriculum Grids:

yr1 aut1 yr1 aut2 yr1 spr1 yr1 spr2 yr1 sum1 yr1 sum2
yr2 aut1 yr2 aut2 yr2 spr1 yr2 spr2 yr2 sum1 yr2 sum2
yr3 aut1 yr3 aut2 yr3 spr1 yr3 spr2 yr3 sum1 yr3 sum2
yr4 aut1 yr4 aut2 yr4 spr1 yr4 spr2 yr4 sum1 yr4 sum2
yr5 aut1 yr5 aut2 yr5 spr1 yr5 spr2 yr5 sum1 yr5 sum2
yr6 aut1 yr6 aut2 yr6 spr1 yr6 spr2 yr6 sum1 yr6 sum2