Mastering the Fundamentals


How do I take the stress out of ks2 SATs?
(For all primary teachers, maths coordinators, senior leaders)
This course is designed to address the planning and the classroom deliv-ery of the basic skills of maths. It includes the importance of place value which underpins maths understanding, as well as the strategies needed for mental and written calculations and the need to ‘master’ these skills to enable pupils to access other areas of mathematics. These skills are the foundation on which all mathematics rests.
Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School) Date: 18th October 2018


Phases suitable for:

  • Primary

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-  Developing the teaching of place value in our daily maths les-sons. This will include using practical resources such as Dienes and Numicon to secure the understanding of Number
-  Developing strategies and teaching sequences, (steps to success), for mental recall and ‘know-by heart-facts’ such as doubling, near-doubles, halving, rounding, bonds to… times tables. Practi-cal session

-  Whole school approach for developing mental skills: The updated Maths Passport

-  Developing bespoke calculation policies to ensure a whole school approach to written methods promoting progression and conti-nuity throughout school. This will include the latest, updated calculation policy which includes a more ‘in-depth’ approach

-  Proven systems for planning from Ray’s hub schools. This will include a 3:1:1 weekly format and a 4:1 format which promotes a more topic-based long term plan
-  Proven systems for assessment from Ray’s hub schools including ideas on how to moderate a ‘National Standard’ in years 1, 3, 4 and 5 when there are no end-of-year summative tests as a guide



"Constructive and useful. Something to take away and consider further"

"The day encouraged me to reflect in the practice of my school and myself. A nice mixture of strategies and concepts"

"It is an on going issue all teachers face and very important to be reflective and brush up on what have become old habits"


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