Reasoning and Problem Solving


This course is designed to explore the ‘using and applying’ domain. The course is primarily to support the teaching and learning of problem solving as well as extending logic and reasoning.


The course will examine mathematics pedagogy and will introduce new approaches and opportunities for developing higher order thinking skills.
This conference includes the development and exploration of how we solve problems and puzzles ourselves. It explores how children solve problems, not just word problems, but an in-depth look at the 8 problem solving strategies. There will be a demonstration and modelling of the STOPS resource, (Sequential Teaching of Problem Solving), which addresses 2 of the 3 aims of the UK National Curriculum.
The conference also includes a session on Gecko Maths. This is a collaborative, cooperative approach to problem solving in teams of mixed ability. This approach has been positively received in previous courses and evalu-ations have reflected the great potential this approach offers as well as bringing back the ‘fun’ element of maths.


Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School) Date: 21st March 2019


Phases suitable for:

  • Primary


Price: £175 *                                                                               * Discount available as part of a CPD package. Click here for more details.


-  A non-threatening examination of our own problem solving strategies. ‘We need a secure understanding of the strategies our-selves before we can confidently and effectively teach these strate-gies to pupils’. (I hope you agree?)
-  Exploring the 8 problem solving strategies and the pedagogy behind these strategies. This will involve demonstrating and modelling of each of the 8 strategies.
-  Looking at systems and procedures to develop progression and continuity in problem solving throughout the school – looking in depth at the STOPS resource and how to implement it
-  Creating and implementing ‘challenge’ in maths lessons.
-  Looking at scaffolding and differentiating the same maths prob-lem by breaking down the complexity and language of that problem
-  Investigating ‘Numberless word problems’. This is a new area that has been trialled in some schools.
-  An updated look at exploring the potential of Gecko Maths – collaborative and cooperative problem solving which has been used effectively in several countries




"A well worth fabulous day. Good value for money"

"Precise differentiation and appropriate challenges. This course really makes an impact".

"Very informative and inspiring. Makes me eager to get back and apply these strategies"


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