FDPRP (Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion)


Teaching Fractions, Decimals, Percentages (FDP) including the Singapore Bar Model
(For all primary teachers, maths coordinators, senior leaders)
This course is designed to address the increasing emphasis on FDP in the primary curriculum. It is assumed that most schools following a medium or long term plan will have ‘covered’ the other 3 domains of Number possibly by the end of the Autumn term. This course specifically focuses on the 4
th domain of Number and includes ratio and proportion as well as offering a dedicated session to the Singapore Bar Model.


Delivery: In House (John Perryn Primary School)        Date: 31st January 2019


Phases suitable for:

  • Primary

Price: £175 *                                                                               * Discount available as part of a CPD package. Click here for more details.


-  Developing systems to address the increased emphasis on Frac-tions in the UK NC throughout the school

-  To increase our own subject knowledge of FDPRP

-  An updated session on the Singapore Bar Model

-  Methods and techniques for the Teaching & Learning of Frac-tions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP) with practical resources to support pupil’s knowledge and understanding

-  Developing a ‘Fractions Policy’ - (this will be given out as part of the course)

-  Using exemplification materials to ‘standardise’ achievement in this focus area

-  Looking at ‘steps to success’ or ‘teaching sequences’ for all FDP statutory requirements. This will include suggestions on plan-ning and assessment of FDPRP

-  Resources to support the teaching and learning of FDP


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"An extremely useful and enjoyable day. Very clear of how to implement strategies for FDP"

"Loved how to structure the maths week as well as the FDP calculation policy examples, methods and progression".

"As part of SLT, I will take on new initiatives and move forward now implementing a wider calculation policy".